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I keep having these really annoying nightmares.

But, whatever, I'll get over them, right? I always do.

It's not worth going into details, I forget most of them by the time I wake up anyway.

Yesterday one of the Corn snakes got out and it took quite a while to find him. This one, unfortuntely, matches the color of the borders on the bottom of the wall and it also managed to crawl right underneath a cage that was protruding off the shelf just enough. I was crawling around on all fours and when I finally found it I was so excited that I grabbed the snake and jumped up and ran into a customer. The guy seemed pretty mad, but I forced myself to smile and he shrugged and moved on. He was looking at the spiders. Tch. Any guy who digs spiders is probably a creep anyway.

Oct. 14th, 2006

Private then Public
Who: Kabuto and Anko
Where: Anko's apartment then a night club
When: Late Thursday evening
Warnings: Intoxication!
That's right, Kabuto got drunk...Collapse )
So, last night I was closing up shop right...

I was just leaving and it was pretty late. I mean it was a Saturday so we usually open later. I don't know why because it's not like a hell of a lot more people decide to buy reptiles on Saturday than any other day of the week, but I digress.

I felt watched. Like it was a really strange feeling. I turned around and I saw just the tips of a coat, as someone darted into an alley.

Man, was I ever freaked out!

I mean... who the hell would want to follow me around?

Was it a one time thing?

I'm just a little wary right now, so I'm headed to the Security store in the Mall and see what kind of legal self-defense items I can dig up.

I don't have much money though.

Oct. 5th, 2006

Well that anonymous meme was certainly... revealing.

I'll find you bastards that came onto me and I'll rip your guts out.

So anyway, the store is going along great. They let me run it just the other day. I was really happy that my boss was so cool about it and really trusted me that much. Although it's not easy work. So, I found myself appreciating Urahara-san that much more.
Anonymous commenting is ON. What I want you to do is a post a confession in a comment. It can be about anything, even me, but you must make it anonymously.

I only follow the crowd when I'm bored... I swear.
Who: Anko and Ukitake
Where: Coffee shop, University, then the Park
When: Afternoon
Warnings: Mild language and Creepy snake talk?

You know I earned more than this...Collapse )
I got the job!!

I am so happy right now and I just called the coffee house to quit! I didn't quit in the fashionable way I had envisioned, but I don't care. I start work at the reptile store on Thursday. I'm so excited. The guy who hired me called me to ask me to some orientation which will likely be a refresher. I already know a ton about snakes and I've managed to maintain quite a few terraniums in top condition. Besides, it will give me a chance to have snakes without really keeping them at home, which would be bad. The roomy would flip.
So, I got my first paycheck and, instead of saving it like I should have, I hit the mall. Emi was so pissed that I spent more than I should have since it was my turn to do groceries. But, I mean, she barely eats anyway! She's a fucking health nut who gorges on lettuce and rodent pellets or whatever the hell she eats. I don't see the problem. Anyway, I bought some new outfits for school even though I spend most of the school day in my coffee house uniform. Which, reminds me, I hate my job. I know I always say this (about almost every job I have), but I feel really unfulfilled. Soooo, I noticed this reptile specialty shop on my walk home. It had just opened so I went in and applied! I think I have a good bit of experience.

Private, to self...Collapse )
That photography class wasn't bad. Except I had to shell out a load of cash (that I didn't have) on some fancy camera. Oh well, that's what loans are for. I'll be paying them off for the rest of my life! With luck, I won't live long enough to settle my debt. Haha, I found a way to beat the system.

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